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Just gonna take a moment to talk about how beautiful I think passion and talent are. Sure there are lots of successful people in the world and there are those who are out and about making money and doing big things, but the people I look up to are the ones who are motivated and driven by passion, the kind of passion that you can just sense in everything they do, the kind of passion that forces them to give more than 100% every time they’re presented with a task. Passion is such an incredible thing and there’s really nothing that gives me more chills than seeing someone’s work and seeing them do something they’re passionate about. And on that note, I highly highly recommend that everyone take a look at the work of two incredibly talented people whose passion is something that really should be commended and praised. Two people who inspire me and teach me to work with passion and heart, couldn’t be more proud of my best friends!!

Katie Wong:

Stacy Zou:

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It’s not “bacon,” it’s a pig.

It’s not “veal,” it’s a calf.

It’s not “steak,” it’s a cow.

It’s not “meat,” it’s an animal…

its not “fruit”, its dividing cells that accumulate fructose…

it’s not delivery. it’s digiorno.

It’s not a scene, it’s a god damn arms race

It’s not “levioSA”, it’s “leviOsa”

Maybe it’s Maybelline 

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You know those days when you wake up at 10:30 and then sit around for a couple hours and then do nothing and then sit around for a couple more and then take a nap and then do nothing some more and then before you know it it’s time to go to bed again and you’re like what the hell where did my day go and you’re like what a wasted day and you’re kind of mad and kind of depressed because you just spent the whole day doing nothing well yeah I’ve had three of those days in the past week and I don’t regret them at all because I spent them with good company that’s all I ever really need just some good company and I guess food but mostly just good company

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Hi this is my friend Katie Wong and she is an amazing make-up artist but she is a terrible person who against my will posts a picture of myself on instagram and blurs herself out making it look even MORE narcissistic and keeps my phone hostage so I won’t delete it. But besides that you guys should go to her if y’all ever want your make-up done cause not only is she superb and talented in what she does, she is hilarious to be around… so if you guys don’t contact her… you’re missing out

I mean… if she can make me look somewhat decent… that is more than enough proof.